Custom Orders

For those people wanting their own very special 3D printed Custom Coily, these can only be ordered through the Coily Facebook Group on an X1 basis at the moment, due to the limited number that can be produced every week.

A custom Coily is slightly more expensive due to the extra time required to perform colour changes and also change CAD drawings for custom text.


All prices are plus shipping (shown below)

X1 Process

  1. A colour poll will go up in the Facebook Group the week prior to the batch
  2. The top 3-4 colours will be selected from the poll
  3. Visit the Facebook Group at 8pm UK Time
  4. A post will go up in the group at exactly 8pm UK time with a big red box saying "Keep Calm and X1 to Order Coily Now"
  5. Comment “X1” on the post when it goes up.
  6. The first ten X1s will be allocated a Coily
  7. A thank you post will be posted in the group shortly after asking the successful ten to email their delivery details along with colour choice and custom text (if required)
  8. The batch will then be produced and will take about 5-7 days before they are ready for shipping
  9. PayPal invoices will be sent out as before when the units are ready for shipping.
  10. Once paid, your Coily will be posted using your preferred delivery method

Custom Order Delivery Charges

All deliveries for both the UK and international destinations are via Royal Mail. Current delivery charges can be seen below. More details of Royal Mail international delivery zones can be found at

Delivery Charges