Sunday 29th April 2018

Anyone who was watched Vaping With Vic "Watts Up" video from today will be aware of the great news.

Last week, myself and Mark from received a few samples of the injection moulded units of Coily.

We were very happy with these and gave the manufacturing company the go ahead for full production.

We are also happy to confirm that the injection moulded colours will be the ones that Victor showed last night - Blue and Green. We had to stick to two colours as the cost of getting colour changes done during manufacturing was too restrictive.

The quality of these is outstanding and the text is so defined and sharp. They also have a much more weighty feel to them than the 3D printed units. The only slight issue was a tiny bit of a bend across the full length of the unit which had less than a 0.5mm variance across the full span, which was within our acceptance criteria. It is due to the manufacturing process / design and is hardly noticeable. It certainly does not affect functionality. All tolerances on the measurements are within 0.1mm so, the important aspect of the measurements are absolutely spot on.

We do not have a definite date for delivery of these units, but have been told that it is about a three week lead time.

As soon as I have a definite date, I will post it on the website.

We are currently looking for vendors for when they arrive so if you know of any vendors worldwide who would be interested in stocking Coily, please ask them to get in touch at

Make sure you keep an eye in the Coily Facebook Group as well as the Coily Facebook Page for all up and coming updates.